Friday, March 9, 2012

Figment + Pinterest + Movie News


The wonderful writing website,, where you can post your writing for feedback (I adore this site and have been using it since it was a beta. *sigh* Baby Figment...) is taking over HarperCollins' InkPop writing community! InkPop is another site where you could post your writing for feedback, but with it came the possibility that your work could be grabbed by HarperCollins editors! Eeeeeeeps!

The cover for the fourth book in the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES series has been revealed:

And although I didn't like BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, I love the covers for this series, and the titles as well. :)

Another cover reveal. The final book in Ally Condie's MATCHED trilogy has a title and cover now! It's called "REACHED", and here's the cover:


Yet ANOTHER cover reveal, this time for the second book in Kim Derting's THE PLEDGE series. She's also the author of the popular THE BODY FINDER series. Here it be:
Out of the three covers, this is my favorite. Also, love the title: THE ESSENCE. I would have put it in caps even if I didn't already do that. :D

See ya Wednesday!

1 comment:

Sara (of the Page Sage) said...

All of those covers are gorgeous! And I have to say, Figment is pretty awesome. (:

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