Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins

September 1st, 2009 - Scholastic Press

I'm not including the synop because JUST IN CASE there's someone reading this who hasn't read the first book, there are ginormous, outrageously huge spoilers in the synop. So, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Onto the review.

So this book was crazy. This is going to be an insanely short review, like only a few sentences, kind of short. There are so many things I can't say because they'll spoil it.

BUT I'll just say that this. Book. Was. So. Amazing. I liked it because it felt like it was going much faster than THE HUNGER GAMES, but still slower, and I however much I think about it, I can't figure out what it is that made me feel that way.

Like in its predecessor, CATCHING FIRE's characters were so much fun to read about, and I always wondered who to trust and who not to. The writing is quick and radical, just like the story, and it builds up so much, that it kind of feels more like a bridge connecting THE HUNGER GAMES and MOCKINGJAY. I am so freaking glad that I bought the entire series before I started reading it, because with a cliffhanger like the one this book ends with, I'm so glad I could continue the story right away.

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